Power Animal Retrieval

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What is a power animal?

Our connection to animals is very old and very deep. Don’t think so? There are expressions in our everyday language that refer to animals. My mom used to say I curled up like a cat when I read. Expressions like “ate like a pig,” “worked like a horse,” “dog-tired” and more reflect our deep association with the animal world. Power animals are not literal animals, but spiritual allies that take an animal form and offer you strengths and abilities you might not otherwise be able to tap into.

Why would I need a power animal? 

Whole Human PLLC - Austin Tx - Power animal - wolfBecause we lose and even give away power in a crazy number of ways. The experience of dealing with the petty tyrants and victims in our lives, losing a love relationship in which we gave away part of our heart, the ways we have been torn down and criticized are just a small sampling of these ways in which we lose power. A loss of our personal power can have emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual ramifications in our lives.

Emotionally, this could express itself as depression, an inability to motivate ourselves, feeling weepy, lost, alone, or just stuck. Spiritually, this might look like a loss of faith in ourselves or our spiritual connection, or loss of hope. Mentally, you might feel stressed out, anxious, or directionless and confused about how to move forward in your life. On a physical level, you might have a lack of energy, a lack of interest in things that used to excite you, or in “numbing out” through drugs, alcohol, sex, TV addictions, sugar and food addictions, or an inability to treat yourself in a healthy way.

Whole Human PLLC Austin Texas - shamanic power animal retrieval

A power animal is a helper that assists you in restoring lost power in your life. Power animals are spiritual allies that take animal form. Though this power animal may have been hovering around the edges of your life for a very long time, power animal retrieval will help you meet and work with this spiritual energy, helping to restore your power and heal your life.

So how can you help me with that?

Whole Human PLLC Austin TX - shamanic healing power animal retrieval - eagleI can help you by journeying to the Spirit world on your behalf, finding the power animal or power being* that is willing to work with you and whom Spirit has indicated is most appropriate for your situation, and bringing it back for you. I can then help you find ways to work with that power animal to help you regain your power.

How long will this take?

Generally about an hour. Sometimes way less, sometimes more. I will honor your time constraints as much as possible.

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