Journeying Sessions

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Guided Journeying

Whole Human PLLC Austin TX - shamanic services and journeyingJourneying is going into a light trance state to go to the Spirit world with the intention of bringing back harmony and healing either for yourself or for someone else. If you are new to journeying it’s nice to have a guide who is comfortable leading you into the journey, bringing you back, and talking with you about your experience. In a way, it’s like hiring a guide to take you hiking, to show you around a foreign city, or to take you on a mountain climb.

There are many ways to journey. The method I use to facilitate journey sessions for you help you get centered and shake off the world. I often walk you through a guided meditation, then either drum for you or play a rhythmic drum track to help you enter into a light trance state. I guide you through a second meditation to get you into the realm of Spirit. I can either help you record what you see if you are comfortable speaking during your journey, or you can have your experience then journal it yourself afterwards. After your journey, I can help you process your experience, though the interpretation is ultimately up to you.

It’s certainly possible to learn to journey for yourself, and many people do, but sometimes even experienced journeyers want someone to drum for them, hold the space and provide a safe container for them while they go on their journey. I’m happy to do that for experienced journeyers as well.

How long will this take?

Generally about an hour. Sometimes way less, sometimes more. I will honor your time constraints, but please plan for about an hour so I can give you a quality service.