Divination Sessions

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What is divination?

Whole Human PLLC Austin TX - Shamanic divinationThe term “divination” comes from a very old Latin word (divinatio) which means “miraculous knowledge, prophetic inspiration, foresight.” It is a derivative of the Latin word for divine (divinus), which meant “of god, of deity.” Divination* is, therefore, tapping into Spirit to retrieve insight into a problem, question, or life situation.

This is not about asking your higher powers to tell you exactly what to do. You are ultimately the captain of your ship, but your Spirit guides will definitely work together with you as a group of advisors to help you make good decisions for yourself and for those you love.

So how can you help me?

Whole Human PLLC - Austin Tx - Shamanic divination stonesI can help you by walking you into a relaxation in order for both of us to communicate with Spirit more easily. Together we will word your problem, question, or life situation then use objects and the imagery to gain insight into your question.

Some people use tarot cards in a similar way, looking at the images in the cards and how they are positioned in the reading to gain insight into a question. The method I use pulls imagery from your own bank of images, your mind and experiences, which will often be clearer than someone else’s images in a tarot deck. Both of these methods are valid and I can do tarot readings as well, but you will be amazed at the clarity of your own internal vocabulary and how it speaks to you.

How long will this take?

Generally about an hour. Sometimes way less, sometimes more. I will honor your time constraints, but please plan for about an hour so I can give you a quality service.