Shamanic Healing Services

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What is shamanism?

Whole Human PLLC Austin TX - shamanic servicesShamanism is an ancient spiritual practice found in cultures all over the world. Shamanism is a broad term, borrowed from an ancient language spoken in Siberia which translates roughly to “one who sees in the dark.” Whether you call them Noadi (Sámi people of Lapland), Hatalii (Navajo tradition), or modern day shamanic practitioners, we all do the same thing: go to the Spirit world for guidance on how to best retrieve healing, wisdom, and practical, workable knowledge to the people we serve. By bringing shamanic work into my healing practice I am able to get in touch with Spirit on your behalf in order to find the best methods of healing and harmony for you.

How can a shamanic healing help me?

From a shamanic perspective, one of the deep, primary causes of physical illness is a loss of power. This is similar in both western and Chinese medicine as well – a deficiency (or loss of power) can open you up to detrimental outside influences such as bacteria, viruses, and allergens. It can also cause a general weakness in the system, generating internal systemic problems such as diabetes, cardiac problems, autoimmune disease, and more.

What kinds of shamanic healing do you offer? 
Power Animal Retrieval

Everyone needs a good wingman, right? When you feel like you’ve lost your way spiritually, feel hopeless, depressed, stuck, anxious and out of energy, you might be experiencing a loss of power. Power animals are spiritual allies who take animal form, lending you strengths to get your power back.
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 Divination Sessions

Divination means finding something that is hidden by contacting that which is divine – Spirit. I assist you by helping you find the information and helping you to sort out the images you get in order to find your guidance.
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Journeying Sessions

Journeying is going into a light trance state to go to the Spirit world with the intention of bringing back harmony and healing either for yourself or for someone else. Whether you are brand new to journeying and want to learn how, or you’re an experienced journeyer looking for someone to facilitate for you during a tough time, I’m happy to help.
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