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Esoteric Acupuncture, developed by Dr. Mikio Sankey in conjunction with his spiritual guides, is a form of spiritual healing and development that is based on traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture points, sacred geometry, yoga and chakra theory, Qabbala, and esoteric spirituality. At its’ core, Esoteric Acupuncture is a way to awaken and expand your spiritual life.

Esoteric Acupuncture MerkabahHow your spirit affects your body?

Your computer, your cell phone, your television, and probably your car and your climate control systems all function because of the programs embedded in the circuitry inside of them. When you power any of these things up, the internal computers or circuit boards in each of them loads a series of programs which tell the device in question what to do and how to do it.

Obviously, we are not powered by circuit boards, but we are still run by a kind of programming. The  experiences you have in your life from birth onward, your beliefs, how you talk to yourself, those you surround yourself with, and the information you take in, all color your personalities, your behavior, and your attitudes. This forms a kind of program code that “lives” in the energetic layers (or spirit, if you will) that surrounds and permeates our bodies. The energy or Qi that animates each of us and gives us life is filtered through this program code, creating the reality that you know as you life. Conditions that either heal or harm us begin in this energetic part of our lives.

I know this can seem kind of woo-woo, so let me present this to you with a couple of examples:

  • Medical doctors will tell you that a person who has lost the will to fight when faced with a serious illness has a much poorer chance of living through the experience than a person who is determined to keep on living and to beat the illness.
  • While you cannot dissect a body and find an entity we call “stress,” we all acknowledge it is a very real problem in our culture and can ruin a healthy body, causing conditions that include heart disease, muscular tension and pain, digestive dysfunction, poor sex drive, and more.

auras and chakrasThese are examples of the spirit – the Qi or energy – impairing the body. Many schools of thought view these as “energy bodies,” or layers of our being that are very dense where they overlap and form the physical body, but get more refined and less dense as they radiate out away from our physical being. Have you ever heard of people who can see auras? This is what they are referring to. These people have an ability to see some of these energy bodies.

When your ‘programming’ or your state of mind affects you, it first affects the energy bodies before it affects the physical body. This is why people that can see auras can often tell if you are in a bad mood, even if you think you are doing a great job of covering it up!

What can Esoteric acupuncture do for you?

Esoteric acupuncture patterns are very specific sequences of acupuncture points which can be done with or without needles. These patterns affect your energetic bodies, helping your to unlock and release the stuff that gets “stuck” in your energetic bodies, psyche, and spirit, helping you to change that core programming that is affecting your life and your body.

While getting an esoteric acupuncture treatment won’t do the work for you, it can open doors that previously seemed closed. It can help you shift your perspective and get clarity on situations that seemed impossible previously. And while this form of acupuncture is not about specifically balancing the physical health, the spirit, mind, and body are all interconnected and healing in one area definitely affects the others!

What is an Esoteric Acupuncture treatment like?

This is based on both my own experiences with Esoteric Acupuncture and on the feedback I have received from my patients. Everyone’s experience is a little different because we are all unique and are all at different points in our spiritual evolution, but these are the recurring themes that have been reported back to me.

Experiences during the session

    • Gives assistance, progress, and balance in spiritual practices and spiritual development, regardless of religious beliefs or practices
    • Balances, clears, and strengthens the chakras (energy centers)
    • Strengthens the central energy channel in the body
    • Brings clarity of purpose and new understanding about life paths
    • Opens creative insights about how to move past a stuck point in life
    • Creates space for spiritual visions and communications
    • Makes a place where you can more easily interact with your spiritual guides or angels

Experience after the session

    • Resolution or reduction of issues or blocks to your spiritual and emotional progress
    • Deepening of meditation practices
    • Enhanced levels of personal development
    • Profound levels of insight
    • Awakening of psychic powers
    • Increase in the ability to channel healing energy
    • Increased an ability to live ‘in the moment’ during stressful or crisis moments

Many have also reported that experiences they have had on the treatment table during an esoteric acupuncture session will flash into their minds at key moments of life changes or times when help is needed.

The patterns I use most

Here are some of the esoteric patterns that might be selected in your customized Esoteric Acupuncture treatment plan.

Eight Heart Gates

Each chakra or energetic division of You has a connection to your Heart Chakra. In Chinese Medicine, we say that the Heart is the Emperor of the body. That’s true in Western Medicine too! If the heart stops, everyone goes into emergency mode to get it going again! Without a good working heart, the rest of the body suffers. Well, emotionally and spiritually this is also true! If your spirit – your emotional and energetic heart – is failing, the rest of your energy and body also begin to fail.The Eight Heart Gates pattern aligns your energies with Winged heartthe deep compassion of the Heart chakra. I’ve been guided to use it for people who have a ‘broken heart,’ for clients who didn’t know where to turn and whose energies were scattered, and for those who having difficulty loving themselves. This is also an excellent treatment for grief.

Esoteric Heart Shaoyin

This pattern balances and harmonizes the energeis of the Heart, the Sacral, and the Root chakras. In Chinese medicine, the Heart is associated with the element of fire. The Kidney is associated with the element of water and is also associated with the Sacral and Root Chakras. The balance between these two is crucial in keeping a person healthy. The fire of the heart warms the body and gives it energy. The water of the kidney keeps that fire in check and gives a cool balance to the heat of the heart fire.From a spiritual perspective, the same is true. The heart fire is associated with joy and exuberance.

When there is too much fire, there can be mania, an inability to focus or concentrate, and perhaps difficulty sleeping because the mind won’t calm down. The water of the Kidney is associated with coolness and groundedness when it is in a healthy state, but when it is out of balance with the heart it becomes fear – too much coolness, frozen in fear. Physically this can cause water retention and feelings of coldness in the body.

Keeping the Heart and Kidney (Sacral and Root Chakras) in balance is what this pattern is all about.

Discern the Whisper

Discern the Whisper is the base pattern for several others (like Heart Shaoyin). It helps heal the emotional aspects of the heart and helps one hear the quiet voice of insight within. It’s incredibly relaxing and helps people let go of stress.

Crown Infinity Pattern

This pattern is focused on the head and creates a powerful energy field which helps draw energy into the crown chakra and down into the other energy centers. It can have a very calming effect on the mind and has been reported in increase concentration, focus, and information retention.

Pattern of Truth

solar plexusThis pattern opens and strengthens the Solar Plexus chakra. The Solar Plexus chakra is centered right around the stomach area – that area you pat when you have had a good full meal.

Energetically, the Solar Plexus is like a little sun in your core that shines your personality out into the world. When it is happy and healthy, you project a quiet confidence out into the world. This is all about living from a place of your personal truth where you feel confident, know your place in this life and in this world, and aren’t shaken by the opinions of others.

This pattern can allow you the opportunity to experience the Truth about yourself and your relationships. It can also help you understand why you are here in this body at this period in time.

Inward Spiral

Inward Spiral Esoteric Pattern, Whole Human PLLC, Austin TexasThis opens and strengthens the Throat chakra, allowing you to speak your Truth without fear. Blocked chakras tend to manifest with tightness and physical blockage. I’ve seen improvement in clients with thyroid and throat problems after they are able to speak their Truth.

Extended Indigo Triangle

This pattern focuses on the head and face, specifically on the area between the eyebrows and the small area just above that. This called the Ajna chakra, but is more commonly referred to as the Third Eye. The Third Eye is all about intuition, knowing without being told by an outside source, and by “seeing” or understanding in ways that are beyond logic. It is often associated with ‘that still, small voice.’ This pattern can open up your insight and strengthen your intuitive vision, giving you the clarity and inner quiet to hear that still, small voice.

Hun Follow the Shen

heart chakraOK, that’s a weird title. Let me explain. Chinese medicine sees the spirit as being in 3 parts: the Hun, the Shen, and the Yi. The Hun resides in the Liver, which is the organ system in the body that makes sure energy flows freely and easily in the body and feeds all of the other organ systems. To do this, it must have the ability to plan and manage things so that this happens properly. For this reason, the Chinese view the Liver as a kind of General, planning and moving resources around to benefit the whole body. The Hun, which is associated with and is said to reside in the Liver, is the energetic component with similar functions: the Hun helps you plan and organize your life and makes things happen.

The Shen is also called the Spirit and resides within the Heart. When the Heart is healthy the Shen or Spirit is healthy. As discussed above, the Heart is considered to be the Emperor of the Body. It embodies compassion and leadership.

The Hun/Liver/Planning General must follow the guidance of the compassionate Heart/Emperor or there will be chaos within your internal kingdom! When compassion rules your life there is kindness toward yourself and toward others. Self-care comes more easily because you love yourself and it therefore easier to serve others as well. When this relationship is backwards, the General is in charge of the kingdom because the Heart is to frail to lead. This Hun or General gets angry easily when overwhelmed by this task and it expresses in the body as anger, irritability, stress, frustration, and finally, when it’s resources are depleted, depression.

The Hun Follow the Shen pattern helps to restore the proper relationship between Heart/Shen and Liver/Hun, strengthening the energies of the Heart and compassion.

Integration Synthesis

I often use this pattern to help you integrate and synthesize the effects of other patterns we have used during a session. It helps anchor them for you so you carry them with you more easily.

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