Energy Medicine

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Humans, indeed all things, are composed of vast seemingly empty spaces. If you were small enough to stand on the nucleus of one of the billions of atoms that make up your body you would see massive distances between yourself and the electrons that orbit the nucleus on which you stand. You would see other nuclei far off in the distance. . . and in between them? Nothing but vast empty space, like the distance between planets in a solar system, or between stars in a galaxy.

Whole Human PLLC - Energy Medicine in Austin TexasSo what is in all that empty space? Energy. The Chinese call it Qi. In Sanskrit it is called Prana. Sometimes it is called life force or the universal energy field. This universal energy field permeates everything. It flows through all things in a specific pattern. When the flow is disrupted or blocked, “knots” form in the field and the energy cannot flow freely. This in turn creates conditions conducive to pain, unrest, tightness, disease, and injury.

Energy medicine can be Reiki, medical qigong, Esoteric Acupuncture, crystal work, pranic healing, and more. Energy medicine focuses and directs the practitioner’s energy field to help remove a patient’s blocks and knots, allowing the qi to flow freely again. This changes one’s energetic landscape so that conditions are conducive to health on physical, emotional and spiritual planes.

Whole Human PLLC - Energy Medicine in Austin Texas