Got anxiety? Get acupuncture!

anxietyAnxiety can range from a mild sensation of nervousness, worry, and disquiet to more severe forms of uneasiness, apprehension, insomnia, and panic attacks. Anxiety can be situational, driven by something going on at home, at work (or the lack thereof), or at school. It can also be more generalized, meaning that anxiousness is a kind of default state for you.

Regardless of why you or people you love experience anxious feelings, acupuncture can work for you. Acupuncture applied at the correct points can change your blood chemistry, slowing the production of stress hormones and promoting the release of endorphins and other “feel-good” hormones. In effect, this toggles your chemistry out of the fight/flight/freeze modes associated with anxiety, stress and the sympathetic nervous response and in to the rest-and-digest state of being that comes along with long sought after sense of relaxation and ease (the parasympathetic nervous response).

There are several other methods of relief that can be combined with acupuncture as well. Chinese herbal formulas can help balance and feed your body critical nutrients it needs to experience relaxation, relieve anxiety and stress, help you sleep, and help you concentrate. As an added bonus, herbal formulas and acupuncture are happily lacking in the strong side effects you might experience with pharmaceutical treatments.

I also offer mindfulness meditation instruction and group meditation sessions in my office. Meditation gives you tools to deal with what’s happening in your mind, to ease the spinning thoughts, and let your mind rest. Mindfulness meditation is easy to learn, requires no gear, and you can use it anywhere you are, no matter what’s going on. This form of meditation helps quiet your mind and thoughts and offers you yet another tool to relieve stress and anxiety.

If you wrestle with anxiety in your life, whether it is mild, situational, or medium to severe requiring medication, consider adding acupuncture, herbs, and/or meditation to your anxiety management strategies.

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