Acupuncture for Pregnancy

LoadingExpecting a little one can be an awesome thing. . . except when it’s not. Pregnancy comes with huge changes to a woman’s body, not all of which are a comfortable experience. To make matters worse, many medications you would reach for are now off limits. That’s where acupuncture can really help. Read on.

Morning Sickness
If morning sickness is going to hit you during pregnancy it is usually in the first trimester and then the icky ride is over. For some women it lasts longer. Regardless of how long it lasts, acupuncture can help. Insertion of tiny needles just above the inside of your wrist can bring relief from nausea, and vomiting. sea-bands2It can even make your chest feel more open and relieve anxiety. Depending on what specific bodily changes are causing the nausea I can also recommend some simple dietary changes that will help.

Bonus tip: get a wrist band designed to help with motion/sea sickness. This presses on the same point I use in clinic. The relief is less dramatic, but if you put this on right after an acupuncture treatment you will get greater relief for a longer period of time. If your nausea occurs at a regular time each day, put the band on an hour or more in advance of that time on a daily basis.

Backache and Sciatic Nerve Pain
As your baby grows your center of gravity changes and your ligaments get looser thanks to a hormone called relaxin. This changes your posture putting a lot of strain on your lower back and/or hips. Acupuncture treatments can help loosen tight muscles, increase blood flow to your lower back, and generates endorphins to naturally kill pain. I can also show you some awesome moves you can do at home with your partner to give you on-the-fly relief.

Heartburn and Indigestion
The bigger the baby gets the less room there is in your digestive tract. This can cause indigestion and heartburn. There are some simple fixes for this such as eating smaller meals more frequently, cutting out the spicy stuff and caffeine, and sleeping with your head and upper body elevated at night, but sometimes those suggestions just don’t cut it. That’s when you need some drug-free intervention such as acupuncture.

Constipation and Hemorrhoids
There’s a whole new of sea of progesterone floating through your blood vessels when you’re pregnant and that slows down the motility or movement of the digestive tract. If you are also taking prenatal vitamins with iron those will harden your stool. This is a recipe for discomfort. That makes you need to push more to defecate which can lead to hemorrhoids. Your body is also producing relaxin which makes your connective tissues stretchier. That’s fantastic news for your body because when you give birth you have more flexibility for that baby to make his or her way out. The down-side of that is it can often soften tissues that are designed to hold things you’ve grown attached to in place… your rectal tissues, your uterus, your bladder….

Acupuncture and lifestyle modifications to the rescue. I can help you identify dietary, bathroom, and daily habits that could be contributing to the problem. I can give you acupuncture or acupressure to help your bowels move more easily without strain. I also have some great tricks to help relieve hemorrhoids.

Other Problems
But that’s not all I can do. I can also help with varicose veins, urinary tract infections, other muscle and skeletal pain, fatigue, anemia, insomnia, mood changes, sinus problems, edema, gestational diabetes, and preeclampsia.

Have Kit, Will Travel
If you or someone you know is pregnant has been prescribed bed rest due to a problem during pregnancy which prevents any kind of travel, I will come to you. I have special rates ($100 for house calls) for pregnant women who need this service. I will travel 10 miles in any direction from my office at no extra charge. This includes all of South and waaay South Austin, Oak Hill, the downtown area, Tarrytown, Great Hills and the 360 area as far north as 183, and the majority of East Austin.

Pregnant? Give me a call and let me tell you what I can do for you! 512-619-5549 or e-mail me using the contact form. Know someone who is pregnant? Forward this link to them!