Surgery….sometimes you just gotta

Chinese medicine is an incredibly powerful tool to preserve health, balance the body, correct imbalances, relieve pain, manage stress, treat functional problems, and more. But sometimes you must have surgery in order to correct a structural problem, repair a tear in the musculature, etc.

When you are facing surgery, don’t forget about acupuncture. Prior to your surgery acupuncture and herbs can help your body get as strong as possible so that you recover more quickly and will even reduce bleeding during surgery. It can also help alleviate the stress about your upcoming surgery.

Post-surgical Chinese medicine will help you to recover faster, fight post-surgical inflammation, have less pain during recovery, require fewer pain medications, and detox from general anesthesia faster. You can also use it to fight depression and anxiety that are common to many post-surgical patients and can keep you from needing anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications.

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The Benefits of Acupuncture Before and After Surgery