How Stress Is Killing You

Chronic stressA lot of us live with round the clock stress and think that’s perfectly normal. As a matter of fact, a significant portion of you reading this may not even realize you are stressed because you’ve been that way so long it begins to seem normal. It’s not until you are able to truly unwind that you understand just how tense you have been.

Most of us function so well under low level chronic stress that we don’t realize how damaging it is to our physical bodies and to our relationships. But stress is a true killer. Stress triggers your adrenals to pump adrenaline and cortisol into your body which causes your lungs to dilate, your heart to pump harder and more frequently, and tenses your muscles.

All of this is designed to help you run from a predator or fight off an attacker and give you a better chance to survive. It’s not often that you have to do these things on the way to work, but your body doesn’t know that. So when your boss is breathing down your neck, you have a deadline looming, you get stuck in traffic and are running late, or any of the other daily things that boost your stress level, your body responds in the same way it would if a vicious predator appeared in your cubicle.

The problem is you get this big hormonal overload but it’s got nowhere to go and doesn’t dissipate easily, so you are stuck with these chemicals until they slowly filter out of your system. In the meantime, your heart is beating harder, your arteries are squeezing to keep your blood pressure up, your muscles are tensed, and your non-essential-for-survival-right-at-this-moment systems are shut down.

Those non-essentials include your digestion, reproductive system, and critical thinking skills. This is why stress can cause stomach pain, stress diarrhea, loss of sexual desire, and increases your likelihood of making mistakes.

As you can imagine, if you live in a state of perpetual low level stress, your body will age more quickly and break down more easily. Chronic stress increases your likelihood of high blood pressure, arterial disease, heart attacks, diabetes, strokes, arthritis, and chronic muscle tension and pain. It also leads to anxiety disorders, depression, and an increasing need for medications for all of the above.

But I have a gift for you. That gift is acupuncture and mind/body medicine. I can help you release that stress and give you drug-free, safe, effective ways to manage your stress and keep yourself happier and healthier.

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